Responsible Gaming

Prevention is more than just a responsibility imposed by law. It suits our social responsibility. We are fully aware that this is our 'license to operate' . Without a transparent and responsible policy a major achievement in our industry would not be possible.

Preventing gambling addiction is in our DNA and is namely about the special way we look at the gambling practice. Our business focusses on delevering more than just an evening or afternoon gambling. We want to delever an experience that goes beyond expectations.  An experience which is based on 'hospitality, comfort, safety and variety.

An experience that is synonymous with 'feeling special'. "Addiction" can not and should never be part of this experience. Responsible gambling should. The game should remain a game. Gambling is not be  associated with behavioral problems or problem situations.

With a solid prevention policy, made in cooperation with the government and regional addiction care, we interpret what we see as our corporate social responsibility. The care fo our employees and our guetsr is always our main concern.

That our internal departments 'Responsible Gaming' and 'Quality and Safety' together with our operational staff  keep a finger on the pulse, sets us apart from our competitors. In addition, we have also teamed up with the Center for Responsible Gaming ( This foundation is the missing link between the gaming industry and the addiction care.

The websites below offer you more information about gambling addiction: