Business developement

We see it as our mission to be a leading, high quality and fast growing gaming provider in the Netherlands.
We do this from our vision and ambition to be THE private casino organization in the Netherlands. Quality and market leadership are the basis for our growth. And growth in turn gives the energy to develop our quality and our market leadership. "Every day better" is one of our driving values, one of our passions.
The core activity of the JVH is the exploitation of high-quality, distinctive (electronic) casinos in Netherlands. The strategy is focused on sustainable growth. Not for nothing JVH was in 2017, after 10 consecutive years in which the number of casinos is expandable substantially, Deloitte named 'Best Managed Company'.

Partnerships with legislature
As market leader we are not opposed to the legislature, but they make it with higher and lower levels of government and belangenorgansiaties to opportunities and risks in the Dutch Gaming Market in balance. A partnership with the social performance areas: employment, (siginificante) upgrade of the leisure offer in the region and our emphasis on manageability and responsible gaming.

To achieve our ambition we follow a three-pronged strategy: organic growth, expansive growth and innovative growth. Organic growth follows the best will in everything we do: in excellent service, prevention and safety. Our expansive growth results from the continuous upgrading of our locations, new locations and acquisitions. Our innovative growth follows innovations in game offerings, technologies, media and entertainment.

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